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Somos una empresa de desarrollo profesional de sitios web para hostelería que diseña, desarrolla y comercializa sitios web para la industria hostelera. Nuestras soluciones de diseño le ayudaran a aumentar sus negocios dando una imagen organizada, respondiendo a las inquietudes de sus clientes y mostrando una imagen profesional. El enfoque principal de su sitio web debe ser la experiencia que vivirán sus clientes que junto a su oferta gastronómica y el ambiente de su local darán lugar al éxito de su empresa.

restaurant website design

Key Features for
Restaurant Websites:

Our restaurant web design solutions are crafted specifically for each and every eatery we work with, as no two restaurants are the same. Whether you have an existing website that needs an overhaul or are just getting started in the restaurant industry and need to get online, Our Design can help.

  • Website Hosting services
  • Custom and unique website design
  • Responsive Mobile compatible website
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Easy to access content
  • Management System
  • Photo Gallery and Menu card
  • Online Food Ordering & booking feature
  • Staff scheduling software integration
  • Map Restaurant Locator
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media integration
  • Review and Feedback rating system
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Website is the cheapest and most beneficial tool to grow your restaurant business.

Take the things that make you most proud of your establishment and feel free to brag about them. In order to help you decide how to best add value to your restaurant website, let’s discuss what tabs should be used.


Chef/Team Story – Behind every great restaurant is a great team, of course including their chef. This portion of the page should highlight your team’s achievements as well as acknowledge the successes of your general manager.


Menus – Your menus should have a page all to themselves. This page should be easily laid out so that users can quickly differentiate between brunch, happy hour or dinner specials.


Reservations – Site visitors should be able to readily and easily make reservations online. The reservation phone number and the restaurant’s address should also be listed.


Seating/Dining Options – If your restaurant offers private or lounge dining, then you should dedicate a page on your restaurant website to the perks of either option.

Having a good restaurant menu design on your restaurant website is as important as having a good menu on the spot, if not more important. Many people visit a restaurant’s website before planning on making a reservation. Menu page on your restaurant website will be the most visited page since that’s what a restaurant is all about; the food and the drinks.

The prime focus of your restaurant website should be the experience. Food, drinks and environment all go into making your restaurant a success.

Booking Form

Boost bookings for your restaurant, beach bar or club with a online Restaurant Booking Form.

Use this restaurant reservation form on your website to invite customers to book a table in your locale via a friendly form. Responsive booking form layout that looks great for mobile reservations and on all devices;

Why is restaurant website important?

The purpose of your restaurant website design should not only be to increase awareness of your restaurant, but to also give potential customers a sense of what they would experience. If you need help creating a website perfect for your restaurant you can contact us today to talk to a design expert! 

responsive restaurant website design


More than 3 billion have access to the internet and internet users worldwide are estimated to grow with easy access to the internet connection in the time to come. Currently, it’s safe to say the internet is the first place where people look for information. For instance, when someone would search “Restaurants in Marbella” and your restaurant website is not up and running, you’re not going to show up on Google, Yahoo, Bing or anywhere. The website is an easier way to inform your potential customers what you offer and where are you situated. 

Increase Customers

With an established restaurant website, you are bound to attract customers and increase customer footfall. Without an established website, you would limit the means of potential customers discovering your restaurant.

Further, without a website, you run the risk of giving your competition the edge to attract customers with promotions and lucrative offers.

Reliable Promotional Tool

Your restaurant website showcases important and vital information including business hours, menu, promotional offers and all other details that you’d like to share with your customers; especially if the potential customer is looking for a specific cuisine, or services (such as home delivery), or simply would like to know more about the product/services at your restaurant as it was highly recommended by a family/friend.

It also gives true and direct information for anybody looking for something specific, avoiding them to get mislead by other sources, which is very important and relevant in today’s scenario.

Brand Image

With a restaurant website, your business is able to build a professional image, especially if you are starting out. Customers get a chance to get acquainted with your product and/or offer services, and at the same time, differentiating your business from the competition. Posting tasty images of your food, inviting ambiance, etc can be easily accessed and help you boost your brand image.

And if marketing is managed the right way, it would help you grow your local audience and maximize sales opportunities.

Your Customers expect it

Even though you have been in the restaurant business for ages, your customers expect you to have an online presence. Where will they go to see new updates, offerings, working hours, exclusive offers, contact information and most importantly, how will they recommend other people if you don’t have any online presence? Maybe you think your restaurant doesn’t need it, but remember your customers surely do need it; so do not disappoint your customers.

Your Competitors have websites

Yes, you know it more than 80% of your competition has a restaurant website. This gives them a competitive edge over you and a better way to reach and communicate with their audience.

As mentioned above, billions of people use the internet to get information on anything. So if you do not appear in the search you’re giving your customers a reason to buy from another brand.

Need help setting up a website for your business?

If you haven’t created a website for your business, Mahalo being an experienced player in the restaurant software industry is the right place for you. With the accurate knowledge about the domain, coding, designing, placement, SEO and much more, Mahalo can help you build your restaurant website as needed.

Look at some more benefits:

  • Online Creditibility
  • To gain new cusotmers
  • To beat competitor
  • Long term relationship with customers

Website Design

Website is the most valuable digital asset of your business which helps you to get the customers and increase your sales.

Website Maintenance

Website and marketing helps, but having website maintenance & security will keep you in business without interruptions.


We develop and design different types of websites including Static, E-commerce, customized, dynamic, and content management system etc.

SEO & SEM Marketing

Drive targeted traffic to your website by achieving page 1 rankings in search engines for valuable keywords. Let us help you grow your business.

Additional Services

When it comes to restaurant websites, presentation is everything, just like with your signature dish. An attractive website can not only take the photos of your dishes to the next level, it can help you attract more customers. After all, a restaurant that puts a lot of care into their website, is more than likely to put a lot of care into their meal preparation process.

Mahalo Studio offers an expert graphic design department in-house that is fully capable of providing our clients with unique and impressive new material and designs. 


We provide photo & video packages for our clients. Our in-house videographers and photographers stand ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your project. 


Depending on services offered and branding strategies company should choose the business card style wisely. Business card design.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds.